Kettle to the Metal: Fat Loss Kettlebell Workout


Tired of using the same old dumbbells like every other chump? Try something new with this high-intensity kettlebell workout, and be the new trend setter of the gym.


This intense, fat-loss workout uses a combination of kettlebell exercises supersetted with full-body sprint motions. Resulting in a new form of cardio that’ll shock excess body fat so much that it will pack its bags and leave you forever. The best part of this workout is that it can be completed by anybody who has a pair of kettlebells accessible. Beginner, intermediate, or advanced gym-goers are all welcome to try this exciting new breed of workout.


Warm-ups and cool downs are awesome and you ain’t awesome unless you do them. Take 5 minutes to prepare joints and muscles for the beating you’re about to deliver with the warm up and cool down included in this workout! Each kettlebell exercises involved in this workout is supersetted with a ‘sprint’ like motion. Make sure to take no rest until the full superset (both exercises) has been completed (the ‘no rest’ portion of the exercise is Mr. Body Fat’s worst enemy). Be sure to be extra safe with kettlebell motions, keep your hands nice and dry to increase your grip!
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