The Incredible Bulk: Muscle Gainer


8 weeks to have you looking like a gladiator’s statue carved out of marble by the Greek God Zeus himself! Challenge accepted!
The moment has come to begin working on that full-body physique you’ve been longing for since the dawn of time. The Incredible Bulk is an 8-week muscle gaining plan that continuously places stress on all areas of the body; predominantly targeting muscle gain on the chest, shoulders, and back. By splitting your body into different sections, this plan hits all muscle groups multiple times each week. Every fortnight arrives bearing new challenges that shock your muscles enough to provoke awesome growth. So, when coupled with a healthy high-protein diet, The Incredible Bulk will show you a physique you otherwise thought impossible to craft. Let’s begin working on your masterpiece.


You’ll find a warm-up and cool-down attached to some of the workouts in this plan. They’re there to prepare both the body and the mind for the main workout – don’t skip them if you have time. Nobody wants an injury and everybody wants to recover faster. Trust us, they’re worth the additional 5 – 10 minutes. Almost every workout includes some form of Progressive Overloading exercise (specific progressive overloading exercises are highlighted in the notes sections). These exercise don’t change week by week (though almost everything else does), so it is here that you can focus on increasing weight. With more load comes more muscle. The first 2 weeks are a great opportunity to focus on the movement of each exercise rather than the load. Save the big push for everything after the initial 2-week acclimatization period. It is highly important that you review exercise instructions for all exercises before attempting them. Even if you’re familiar with the movement, there’s no harm in a quick review is there? Drink water like a champ. Trying to lift heavy objects while dehydrated can impair strength and performance, meaning your results will be greatly hindered. Water is your friend. Sleep! At least 7.5 hours per night. Recovery is just as important as training. Without it you’re going nowhere. With it, you’re going everywhere.
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